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ALEX GLATT Melancolic, makes me cry, remember and love life Favorite track: Infinite Blue (live).
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"From beautiful atmospheric soundscapes to distorted intense rock in the blink of an eye, making it sound naturally seamless. Inner, their debut EP –featuring studio and live recordings- is the proof that this is a band that is not out just to write good music, but to express things that go way beyond the limits of a pop song."


released March 9, 2015

We used to be "Gloom", now we're Moonatic.



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Moonatic Mexico City, Mexico

Music to miss the unknown.

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Track Name: Locked
We have been away from our heads
We have been away from our minds
The silence was bright

You’ve been watching the clouds
as they roll by
When the silence gave away what we had in mind
Well… that was that

And it’s strange how the dark gets around
gets inside
And it’s a matter of time before the rain
kicks it out

Where were you that day we were flying high?
You were all too far inside your…

We’ll share our maze
But then…
Track Name: 4:36
When you’re trying to feel it
you’re falling
keep talking
you give in all over again…
now, it’s not safe

Then play it and try to control it
don’t lose it too quick in your mind, in our eyes
for both our sakes

Oh, how I wish I could stay there
Track Name: Unrainbowed (live)
Why is it so hard to crack?
Full moons go by, no blood drops left to sign
No blood drops left to sign
An eager devil's fire

If I could, I would

It seems to me that Mr. Y
was smart enough to look aside
A pot of gold was left behind,
instead he took the coloured harp-

Can you feel it now that time is running out
our time is dying with a ticky-tocky - ticky
bomb of shadows, well known dangling shadows
nodding "told you so" and pointing wrinkled fingers
at your cynic smile, oh come on dance with me, oh soldier
put the money down and pick up all the butter-
flies that come out from my mouth and ears,
and through my head and feet, up to my rainbow heart,
oh bless my rainbow heart, oh bless my rainbow heart,
oh drink this honey blood that spills from 
Mr. Y's coloured harp

Why is it so hard to find?
The moon goes dark, the stars move far apart,
the stars move far apart,
while silent noises laugh

If I could, I would

It seems to me that Mr. Y,
with four or five golden souls 
did steal our hearts-

Can you feel it…

Oh, a bright sun
a warm sun grows
Oh, the rain falls
a calm rain falls

Lay in the shadows and 
clean all the noise in your head

Smile for me brothers, the
unrainbowed times now are dead-
Track Name: Infinite Blue (live)
Between you and I
space has no meaning
while time tries to tear us apart

In your eyes
I have been lost
It felt right

Knew it without words
Track Name: Loose Ends (live)
And so you say you’ve been here before
you say too much

And you’ve been trying to hold on
but what you were holding
has come off

And this
is it
It’s alright
for a while

So you’re willing to fight it, you’re willing to try it
you’re willing to bring it home for it to stay
So you’re willing to fight it, you’re willing to try it
you’re willing to prove it all wrong to yourself

And it’s alright

We flow… like this
We talk… like this
We go… like this

You were dreaming of flying
you were hiding your face in the dark
And you said “Well, my friend, this is real, now is all that we’ve got”

“Cause we’re all around”